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This week I found myself in need of some design help for a client. I went to a site I’ve used before – guru.com. This is a spot where you can post jobs for freelancers to bid on. The platform allows you to pay directly through that and go from there.

It’s always a little challenging working with someone you’ve never met, and aren’t sure how they will work out. So far this is going well, but a few tips if you need to sub out a job:

  1. Clear requirements – the clearer you are in your request, the better chance of getting bids from relevant pros. If the project is time-sensitive, clarify that up front, so you don’t get pros who have a backlog of work.
  2. Ignore placeholder bids – bids that are just generic, or don’t seem tailored to your needs, you should probably ignore.
  3. Communicate often – set milestones and get / give feedback often. If you can do a live phone call, that is best to ensure the other person is understanding.

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