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Get your website SEO graded

March 17th, 2011 — 8:48pm

Here’s a nice site that will “grade” your website for search engine optimization:

For no cost, you can enter your website and get great report on areas your website can improve.  This site graded 44.  Plenty of room for improvement, eh?  Anyway, I don’t agree with everything on there, for instance, they mention things like keeping your domain renewal out at least 1 year.  Seems to be based on pure speculation that search engines will dock your site some points for having a domain that will expire soon.   Hmm..

Also, they mention the whole canonical host thing, which is basically how your site loads – with or without the www.  Some people put in redirects so that if someone loads it always goes to just  The idea is that you don’t have 2 sites with the same content.  I think it’s pretty silly to think that google and bing would get “confused” into thinking they are two different sites with the same content.  It’s so common, I can’t believe they don’t make the connection.

Anyway, enough of that – go get your site graded, and start improving your SEO score!

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