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WordPress as a site platform

May 2nd, 2014 — 3:18pm

I’ve used WordPress over the years for various client sites, usually adding a blog onto an existing site.  In fact, my own site has a WordPress installation which I use for this blog.

While WordPress started out primarily for blogging, today it is much more.  The number of templates and plugins available for relatively low cost make WordPress a great starting point for new websites, or redesigns.  I recommend careful consideration of which plugins to use, but overall, the platform upgrades well, and is well supported.  Most of all, it is easy to use for clients.  Without a big learning curve, they can edit and add content to their websites.  Some advanced features and changes may still require a pro, but even then there’s an orderly framework for doing so.

I like that the software is written in php, and is portable should you need to change hosting providers.  There is also no shortage of consultants who know the platform and can help if you need it.

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