Weekly Wrap Up – Zoom Zoom!

Here’s what I was up to this week:

Zoom – Seems like everyone who never used a conferencing platform suddenly wanted one, all due to the corona shutdowns. Though I had used Zoom before many times with clients, I finally paid for my own subscription. This is handy for business and even personal use, since your invitees don’t need an account.

Flash EOL – as browsers move to ending Flash support, I had a client with some old flash content suddenly break. Turns out the javascript code we used to run the flash (swfobject.js) was no longer working with the latest browser updates. We just bit the bullet and moved the content to Youtube (it was video anyway). By the end of 2020, browser support for flash is going away, or so they say. I’m not sure I buy it.

Php – more custom php work, for an LMS, and also some other misc. work.

Corona note – So far my workload has kept strong during the economic muffling we’re going through. It’s hard to say how long that will continue, but these are times where new opportunities present themselves. Many industries may be changed after this, because the way we live will be different. Companies may start “onshoring” more, as a way to diversify production. Events and social gatherings may change. Some business models will die, but new ones will emerge. Stay aware, often great businesses rise from the ashes of a crisis.

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