Weekly Wrap up – AWS Metrics

  • Cloudwatch – I spent some time working with aws metrics in cloudwatch – pulled via scripts using the “aws cloudwatch” command line tool. This is a pretty powerful way to monitor and track all kinds of metrics on elbs, ec2, rds, and other AWS entities.
  • API – more api work with Dell openManage. API’s are pretty standard now with most web based tools. Mostly, I’m pulling data, and pushing it to another database, or triggering emails, based on various logic / business rules.
  • Coronavirus – my state (PA) is basically under quarantine. Clients (even out of state) have mandated “work from home” for most employees and consultants / contractors. Most of my clients will be able to financially weather this, depending how long it goes. It’s a good lessen in diversifying your consulting clients (or income sources). While this type event is “once in a lifetime”, there are smaller events that hit specific industries more often.

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