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Progressive web apps (PWAs) for SEO: Benefits, stats, examples

By: Rohan Ayyar

In the simplest possible words, a PWA is a mobile-friendly website that behaves like an app but doesn't need to be downloaded to be used. Users have the option to save a PWA to their phone and launch it just like an app, but it's totally optional....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: The PWA has many advantages over traditional apps - not the least of which is being much cheaper to develop and maintain.

The 5 Critical Elements That can Make or Break Your One-Page Website's Design


This guide for building a single pager is centered around 5 critical elements. Not exactly like the 5 foundational elements of nature: fire, earth, water, air, and spirit. But suggestively close....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: Always a good idea to review design ideas and see how your site stacks up.

7 social media monitoring tools to check out in 2019

By: Aleh Barysevich

So here you go: you've got a sample of the best social media monitoring tools for every kind of budget and every kind of social listening goals: from customer service to lead generation and extensive market research....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: If your brand is active on Social media - using one of these tools is crucial for tracking it's reach and viewership.

Game of Clouds: Lock-In Is Coming

By: Jason Perlow

How long will these Open Source-compatible services stay completely that way? As AWS and Microsoft and Google Cloud and IBM become much more competitive with each other, the chances are they will not....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: This is a little technical, but a thorough discussion of the portability of cloud based applications - at least at this point. Cloud vendors are adding unique features which could inadvertantly "lock-in" customers when they look to switch cloud vendors. It's important to carefully consider future portability when coding / architecting solutions.

Google: A Technically Well-Optimized Site Won't Rank Without Good Content

By: Matt Southern

Google's John Mueller reminds site owners that the most technically well-optimized site won't always have high rankings without great content....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: Focus on the user experience - are you providing answers to their questions, and functionality they need?

Breadcrumbs: 11 Design Guidelines for Desktop and Mobile

By: Page Laubheimer

Support wayfinding by including breadcrumbs that reflect the information hierarchy of your site. On mobile, avoid using breadcrumbs that are too tiny or wrap on multiple lines....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: Understanding good UI design is important, even (maybe especially) for those who are not designers.

16 enterprise tech trends to watch in 2019

By: Brandon Vigliarolo

Analytics firm CB Insights has released a list of 16 enterprise IT trends that it believes will dominate in 2019....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: Some of these are still very much emerging, but this is a good high level overview of new technologies that are gaining traction.

CenturyLink customers get belated coal in their stockings with nationwide outage


Users of the internet, phone and TV provider's services have been hit by a nationwide outage......View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: While internet outages are very rare these days, they can and do still happen. If any part of your business was affected by this, it's a good time to revisit your hosting and cloud based services for fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

7 Ways Cloud Services Pricing is Confusing

By: Chris Parlette

While cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google were meant to provide compute resources to save enterprises money on their infrastructure, cloud services pricing is complicated, messy, and difficult to understand. ...View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: This article is a good start to understanding how cloud services are priced.

Don't Miss These 7 Amazing eCommerce Trends From Mary Meeker's 2018 Report.


From digital consumer trends, to shining a spotlight on the love-or-hate relationship consumers have with privacy and personalised content and global eCommerce trends, there's a lot for one to digest....View Full Story

Jim's Takeaway: Most of these trends you may know, but a few of these were surprising to me.

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